have a birthday!!

I got old yesterday.


Yesterday I spent a long time with my mother, my wife and my children for the first time in a long time.


This year I made a fresh start in the year turning into a turning point either as an age or as an age, but there is also an event that my father dies, and the last day is quite rough daily. .


I'm spending my time taking care of my family's care and procedures.


I have a lot of work experience for the first time, and I have a considerable mental and physical burden as work and private overlap, but I feel that I am quite trained.


We will continue to broaden our knowledge

Second home,

Here at Fukuoka

Including the next step

I will continue to work hard.


Thank you for your message.


I will reply to you again.

Thank you in the future.

Life is a series of choices.
William Shakespeare